A Tour of Food with the Disney Food Blog

Today is Disney Food Blog founder AJ Wolfe’s birthday. Anyone who has spent any time browsing the our DTR tour pages will know that I harbor a not-so-secret blog crush on the Disney Food Blog. There are just so many things to love – the clean format (white backgrounds rule), endearing tone, constant updates and food pictures. Oh, the food pictures!

I grew up bringing food to the parks, so I blame AJ for alerting me to endlessexpensivelard-loaded noshes available throughout property. While my wallet and waistline wish I’d delete my Google Reader subscription, I feel it is my tour-reviewer duty to keep up with latest happenings in the Disney food-osphere.

As a birthday tribute, here is a collection Disney Food Blog tour-related posts:

Tamu Tamu Refreshements

  • Epcot Twinings Tea Tour - Does anyone know if they offer this tour anymore? I don’t recall reading about it during 2011′s Flower & Garden Festival, but the anglophile in me hopes that it is still around.
  • Though not technically a tour…I really look forward to taking on the Disney Food Blog WDW “Cupcake Crawl” sometime in the near future. I figure as long as I’m armed with an empty stomach, insulin & enough friends to share with, nothing will stop me from conquering this calorie-laden challenge. Who’s coming with me?

If you happen to live in a bizarre alternate universe in which you haven’t already discovered the Disney Food Blog, I hope this food tour has made you happy and hungry. Rereading all these posts makes me even sadder that the delay in my Orlando move means I won’t be able to make it to this year’s WDW Foodie Fest after all. I’m going to go boo-hoo into my homemade Avocado margarita


*Have a favorite tour food or Disney Food Blog post? Let us know in the comments below.

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