Discontinued Walt Disney World Tours

If you look at my post dates, you may notice quite the gap. Over the past month, I’ve abandoned many leisure pursuits (such as maintaining this site) to prepare for, execute & recover from my recent move to the Orlando area.

During this time, there have been a some updates on the tour front. I’ve come across a few new podcast tour reviews (mostly from the Be Our Guest Podcast), and a few price updates as well (Backstage Magic went up $5 to $229 per guest!). I will make those updates throughout the site over the course of this week. As always, if you know of any reviews or podcasts not listed on our tour pages, please email them to me at DisneyTourReviews@gmail.com.

Also notable is the first tour discontinuation since DTR started in May 2011. Disney is no longer offering the Simply Segway experience in Epcot’s Innovations West.

For this reason, I’ve started a list of discontinued tours. I plan on updating it to include other defunct tours, such as another 2011 casualty – Inspiration: Through Walt’s Eyes. Hopefully this will help folks figure out why a tour they’ve read about online is no longer listed on Disney’s official website or available for booking.

That’s all the updates I have right now, but look for more to come in the near future. Now that the parks are only a short drive away, I won’t have any excuses for infrequent updates.

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