Update to the Self-Guided Yuletide Tour Review

I’m a liar.

There, I said it. In my recent review of the Disney Tourist Blog’s Self-Guided Yuletide Tour I claimed there was a gingerbread lighthouse at the Yacht Club Resort.  A complete lie.

See, the thing is, Disney released a 2011 Limited Edition Commemorative Pin for the Yacht Club’s gingerbread lighthouse – but they didn’t actually make a gingerbread light house.

Gingerbread Lighthouse 2011 Limited Edition Pin

The gingerbread lighthouse that wasn't, on sale at Yacht Club's Fittings and Farings gift shop.

Yacht Club was the one Deluxe Resort we skipped on our recent test of the Yuletide Tour, so I foolishly based my assumption about the decor based on this year’s gingerbread pin collection. Silly me.

According to the Cast Members at the resort, there were plans to make a lighthouse that fell through. However, that didn’t stop Merchandising from shilling pins. The Cast Member at Fittings and Farings even mentioned having guests come in to purchase the pins solely because there was no lighthouse. Shrewd move, Disney. Shrewd move.

Christmas Tree at Yacht Club

No worries though. Even without any gingerbread, the Yacht Club is worth checking out on your own Self-Guided Yuletide Tour. In addition to an appropriately boat-themed tree, Yacht Club boasts an adorable miniature train display.

Holiday Fun at Yacht Club

Not much holiday fun happening over at the Yacht Club

One tip: If you plan on photographing the train, make sure to show up before sunset (or bring a really nice camera.) We arrived right after dusk, and the lobby was too dark to take any decent photos. As you can see below, flash really isn’t flattering.

Train set at Yacht Club

Yacht Club's model train set and Christmas village are the main decor over the holidays. Just make sure to visit before sunset to get decent pictures!


*If you want to learn more about the Self-Guided Yuletide Tour, be sure to check out our earlier review here.

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