Walt Disney World Tour FAQs

The more I learn about Walt Disney World tours, the more questions I have. Below are answers to some important general tour questions.


How do I book a Walt Disney World tour?

    It depends on the tour. You can check out DTR’s individual tour pages for specifics, but here is the general breakdown:
    • For tours limited to Animal Kingdom Lodge guests, call AKL’s Itinerary Planning Office at (407) 938-4755 between 9am-6pm EST. You need to have your AKL reservation before booking a tour.
    • For Behind the Seeds, you can walk up on the day of to the tour desk near the entrance of Soarin’. You can book ahead by calling (407) WDW-TOUR (407-939-8687) between 7am-10pm EST.
    • For all other tours, call (407) WDW-TOUR (407-939-8687) between 7am-10pm EST.


How far in advance can I book a Disney tour?

    180 days. However, sometimes the tour schedule in not available that far in advance. I’ve called in March, and Disney only had tours scheduled through June. In June, I was able to book my December holiday tours but the Wild Africa Trek was only scheduled through August. Multi-park tours are handled by the Disney Institute and single park tours are handled by the respective park, so it is not uncommon to see this type of scheduling variance.


Do Disney tours fill up?

    Yes and no. I have yet to be on a full tour. The closest I’ve gotten was 18 guests on the Magic Behind Our Steam Trains tour, which has a capacity of 20.

    Certain tours are harder to get into than others. In particular, the Sunrise Safari and Wanyama Safari at the Animal Kingdom Lodge can be tough. The Sunrise Safari is only offered twice a week, and the Wanyama Safari has a limit of 12 guests. If you are interested in those tours, I recommend booking as soon as you’ve secured your AKL room reservation.

    The new Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom is also very popular due to the media blitz when it opened. However, with 9 tours a day in the summer, you can probably find some space available during your trip.

    Any of The Seas tours at Epcot are worth booking as far out as possible – especially Dolphins in Depth.


When do I have to pay for the tour?

    Your credit card is charged when you make your tour reservation. The only exception is the Wanyama Safari for Animal Kingdom Lodge guests. That tour includes dinner at Jiko, and guests are presented their bill after the meal.


What is this I hear about tour discounts?  How can I get one?

    Check out our Discounts page for full details on available tour discounts.


What is Disney’s tour cancellation policy?

    You can cancel most tours up to 2-days prior to your tour date. Based on my conversations with tour phone agents, it is a 2-day policy and not a strict 48-hours. In theory, you should be able to call Monday night to cancel a Wednesday morning tour. To be safe, I’d operate on the 48-hour rule.

    Behind the Seeds has a 1-day in advance cancellation policy.

    The Sunrise Safari and Wanyama Safari have 48-hour in advance cancellation policies.


How do I cancel my Disney tour?

    Make sure you have your confirmation number handy, and call the number you used to make your reservation. I’ve canceled & rescheduled tours before without any issues.


Will Disney cancel and refund my tour in bad weather?

    Most tours go on rain or shine.  So unless there is a hurricane or other event that causes the park to close, Disney will not cancel tours or provide refunds.

    For outdoor Segway tours, Disney will cancel the outdoor portion of the tour and provide a 50% refund in the event rain. Segways can operate in light rain, but anything heavier or involving lightening becomes a safety threat. The first hour of Segway training indoors will still go on. (This is a terrible policy since the now-defunct Simply Segway experience, which was the 1 hour of indoor training, was only $35. That is considerably less than 50% of any of the outdoor Segway tours. This point may be worth mentioning in the event Disney tries to give you the standard 50% refund.)

    I did the Backstage Safari in an all-day heavy rain with lightening. Our tour guide provided us Disney ponchos, and the tour went on with only a few adjustments to keep us under cover as much as possible.


Is there a minimum number of guests needed for a tour to run?

    So far, I’ve not heard of any tour cancelations due to a lack of guests signed up. Quite the contrary, it is not rare to hear of an individual or couple who had a private tour because no one else signed up.  On my Wild by Design, it was just me and another women with two tour guides – we had a 1-on-1 ratio.

    With that said, I do know that when the Disney Institute discontinued running the Inspiration: Through Walt’s Eyes tour in Spring 2011, they called and canceled some of the previously booked tours in May.


What about [insert your question here]?

    If you have any general tour questions that aren’t answered here, just let us know at DisneyTourReviews@gmail.com. We’ll do our best to find you an answer.

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