The UnDISCOVERED Future World Tour

Disney's Description

Clear piano in The Seas Pavilion private loungeThe UnDISCOVERed Future World tour takes Guests on a fascinating journey that tells the story of how Walt Disney’s desire to improve the world’s future led to the development of Epcot theme park.

When Walt Disney bought 27,500 acres of land in Florida, his dream was to build an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, which he called Epcot. Epcot was originally intended to be a living, breathing city of the future inhabited by thousands of permanent residents. Epcot Center, which was eventually realized as Epcot theme park, was the planned entertainment center of the community.

During this approximately 4-hour guided tour, you will venture into secret backstage areas of Epcot theme park and see amazing facilities that Guests are ordinarily not permitted to visit. Discover how Walt Disney’s vision and legacy inspired the design and technology behind the Future World area of Epcot theme park. Plus, hear the amazing story of how a massive construction project brought Epcot theme park to life.

Tour Information

Time & Location : 9am M,W,F outside of Guest Relations inside the park.  (Guests with tour reservations entering the park before opening can go through the far left turnstiles.)

Ending Location: China Pavilion Gift Shop

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $55 + tax (Discounts Available: AAA Diamond, AP, DVC, Disney VISA)

Theme Park Admission: Required

Park Visited: Epcot


  • Commemorative Pin
  • 20% off of lunch at Nine Dragons by showing tour name badge
  • VIP Illuminations viewing in front of Italy pavilion (discount and priority seating are not guaranteed, but are commonly offered)

Sample Tour Content*:

  • Narrated walk around Future World
  • Private lounge in The Seas Pavilion
  • Walk through the Land Pavilion
  • Ride Soarin’
  • Backstage of Imagination Pavilion
  • Backstage at Mission Space
  • Backstage behind Test Track
  • Backstage at Universe of Energy
  • Backstage at Epcot’s Costuming area
  • View marina that houses Illuminations floats

Note: This tour goes at a steady pace in order to see everything in 4 hours. Also, based reading reviews and talking with other tour goers – this tour seems to have more variability in content than other tours.  It is very dependent on your guide and if any of the private lounge areas are being used during your tour. I went to the top of the Imagination Pavilion and in the HP lounge above Mission Space on my tour, but I’ve heard from several folks who did not get to visit those locations on recent tours.

*Disney’s tour schedules and content can change at any time due to a variety of factors. Rest assured, if for some reason the tour can’t or doesn’t go to one of the stops you’ve read about here or on other websites, your Tour Guide still has plenty of magic up their sleeves to make sure you have a wonderful tour experience.

Maximum Group Size: 15

Listening Devices Available: Yes

Hearing Disabilities: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes (Need to be able to transfer to ride Soarin’)

Requirements: Guests must be 16+

Photography Restrictions: No photography is permitted during the backstage portion of this tour.

Bag Storage: Guests carry their baggage with them.  If you don’t want to hold your bag throughout a 4 hour walking tour, consider getting a locker at the front of the park.

Note: When you book this tour, the phone agent tells you cameras and bags are not allowed.  I personally brought a large camera and a big tote bag without so much as a sideways glance from the guide.  I made a point of putting my camera in the tote when we went backstage, so there would be no doubt I wasn’t taking photos.  There was one backstage photo opportunity on my tour, so it is worth taking a camera along just in case.

Additional Notes: This is an outdoor walking tour – dress appropriately, wear suncreen & good shoes. Disney will not cancel or provide refunds for this tour (or most others) in the event of inclement weather (Disney will cancel for hurricanes, but not average rain).

Book: Call (407) WDW-TOUR (407-939-8687)

DTR Review

Check out our full DTR Review of the UnDISCOVERed Future World tour here.

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Other Tour Reviews & Links

  • Futureprobe Review by David from November 2010.  David’s limited spoilers review makes a good point – if you are an EPCOT geek, you will not likely learn anything new form this tour.  The draw of UnDISCOVERed Future World is access to restricted areas.
  • PassPorter Message Board Post by graygables from May 2005.  Just to show we’re not all sunshine and puppies over here at DTR, here are a few folks who found the UnDISCOVERed Future World tour underwhelming.  Since 2005, they have shortened the break in the Land to be for facilities use only – not eating, so the tour is slightly shorter.
  • Review by Jol Silversmith from September 2004.  This review refers to older reviews.  Rick Hunter’s review from January 2002 is here.  Sue Schultz’s review from December 2000 is here.  Deb Wills’s review from July 2000 is here.
  • Brian S. Kendig’s Review from who knows when (Food Rocks was still open).  This is the end all, be all of spoiler reviews.  Brian recalls his tour step-by-step from the 22 pages of notes he took.  Tour has changed some, but I heard much of the same trivia on my tour in April 2011.

Related Podcasts

  • DIS Unplugged Podcast Listener Review by Chris from October 2008.  Includes spoilers about content, but not trivia.  Discussion of the UnDISCOVERed Future World tour starts at 49:02.

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