Studios Awareness Week: Why aren’t there any tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

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As I’m wrapping up DTR’s tour pages, I can’t help but notice a glaring omisison – Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Out of 19 standard tours (ones not restricted to resort guests), none are dedicated to good ol’ DHS. Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.

By contrast, Animal Kingdom has 3, Magic Kingdom has 4, and Epcot has a whopping 9 tours.

Sure, the 4-park Backstage Magic and the seasonal Holiday D-Lights tours make stops at the Studios, but they are no substitute for a single park tour.  Maybe the folks over at Disney think that the Studio Backlot Tour and Star Tours count, but I don’t.

We can do better.  Here is just one of my blue sky suggestions on how to bring some tour love over to the Studios:

Hollywood Studios: A History Tour

On this tour, guests will learn about Disney’s Hollywood Studios amazing transformation over the years, starting from 1989 up to present day.

  • Go backstage at The Great Movie Ride.  See how the cowboys & gangsters on this opening day attraction make their dramatic entrances…and exits.  Then take a private ride – find out how Imagineers narrowed down Hollywood’s vast film history to capture a variety of iconic classics and designed (mostly) recognizable audio-animatronics, all while your tour guide points out hidden references throughout the attraction.
  • Go backstage at The Voyage of the Little Mermaid, a 1992 addition.  Find out how Disney keeps the laser, puppet & live-action show running every 20 minutes all day long.
  • Learn about the addition of Sunset Boulevard.  Check the queue-themeing standard set with the unveiling of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in 1994. (Backstage at TOT is covered on Backstage Magic.)
  • Go backstage at Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.  Talk with a stunt driver and learn about the behind the scenes preparation needed to operate the Studio’s  2005 Happiest Celebration on Earth gift.
  • Wrap up with the newly revamped Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.  Learn about development process and technology used to overhaul this DHS staple.  Watch guests on the ride from the backstage viewing area before boarding your own Starspeeder in an effort to try your luck with the new 54 ride combination format.

What are your tour ideas for Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Blue sky ideas only – don’t let little things like logistics and insurance restrictions hamper your creativity.


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3 Responses to Studios Awareness Week: Why aren’t there any tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

  1. It’s a travesty there aren’t any backstage tours just for the Studios. I’d love for a backstage tour of just the Tower of Terror!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I know, right! You can go backstage to ToT on the Backstage Magic tour, but it was honestly a let down for me. They show you one of the cars outside of the cage, but you don’t get to see how the cars are loaded or anything. They could also do with some tours focusing on the various shows at DHS. No other park packs in so much live action entertainment.

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